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The Issues

Standing for what is right.

Stand For Our Community. Be Your Voice.  

Just as when I ran for the Hall County Commission, I am not running for Senate with a personal agenda. I am running to serve our community and work to keep it the very best place to live. I am running to give you a voice. As your Senator, my door will remain open and I am a phone call away to address your concerns. 

Stop The Cancel Culture.

The woke mob and their virtue signaling is out-of-control. Every day, they are working to erode our values, erase our history, and silencing conservatives. They have even led boycotts of our Georgia businesses that cost our state millions – all because of efforts to maintain integrity at the ballot box. It’s frankly not what America is about and enough is enough. I stand up to stop the radical cancel culture and protect our freedom of speech, our history, law enforcement, and right to worship. It’s the right thing to do.

Less Government. 

I believe that less government is better government. It’s a core principle that I have fought for on the County Commission and one on which I will not waver. While we should be thankful that Georgia is a conservative state that has cut regulations – and taxes – there is always work to be done. In the Senate I will fight to protect Georgia from the Biden/Harris big-government agenda, and I will fight for less regulation, fiscal responsibility, government accountability, and conservative policies that keeps government out of the way of our families and businesses.

Back The Blue. 

I am proud to stand with law enforcement and our first responders. On the Commission, I have made sure our heroes on the frontlines have the resources and support they need. In the Senate, I will have their backs and oppose any and all efforts to defund police or attack those that keep us safe. 

Safeguard Our Gun Rights.  

Our Constitutional right to bear arms isn’t up for debate. I’m a gunowner and I carry. In the Senate, I will fight to stop the radical left’s gun grab ambitions. Georgia will remain a place where our Constitution and our 2ndAmendment is protected

Keeping Our Economy Roaring. 

Georgia is the number 1 state to do business and Hall County is leading the way. Our economic success hasn’t happened by accident and it won’t continue without conservative, business minded leadership. As a businessowner, I know what it takes to keep our economy – from big employers and our farms to our restaurants and mom and pops thriving and our people employed. I will take my business experience to fight for low taxes, less regulation, and fight against insane liberal policies that would cripple our economy or shut it down.

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